We encourage parents to arrange a specific time in advance to meet with us and we further encourage parents to arrange with us in advance to let their teenager spend an hour or even a day with us by themselves to determine whether Samara is a good fit for them.  We are a welcoming environment and they will be fine, and they can always call to you have you come pick them up if they decide that Samara is not for them or they don't want to stay.


Our Admissions Application is now online.


There is a section for the student applicant to fill out and then a section for parent(s)/guardian(s) to fill out.  Information contained within this application will only ever be seen by the Admissions Committee, which consists of staff and board members of Samara, and will be kept confidential. 


Tuition for September 2017 - June 2018: $5,000
Half-time (1-2 days per week) tuition for September 2017 - June 2018: $2,500

Tuition can be paid at the start of the year in one lump sum, in two installments, quarterly, or monthly (September-June).


Refunds will be made on a pro-rated basis, beginning with the month after termination/cancellation of membership.

Pro-Rated Tuition

For members who join during the academic year, their tuition will be pro-rated based on the start date.

Tuition Reduction

After we review the applications, we will invite applicants to meet with us to be considered for admission to Samara.  For those who are being considered and who would like to request tuition reductions, you will be asked to complete a separate financial aid application at that time.  This application will be sent to you to complete if/when you get to that stage of the application process. 

Stop going to school

It is usually a simple process to write your superintendent to let them know that your child will be educated outside of school, and we would be happy to work with you on the format of this letter you will need to write.

But what about college?

Yes, you can still go to college.  Or enter an apprenticeship.  Or launch an entrepreneurial venture.  Or even return to traditional school later on.  We work regularly with our students to help them define and make progress towards their goals and build a portfolio / eportfolio.  And studies have shown that self-directed learners enter college and find success at least as much as students in traditional schools.