Discover a place where teens love learning!

Samara: Self-Propelled Learning for Teens

Providing personalized education that empowers teens to discover their passions and achieve their potential.

Why choose Samara?

Discover your passions

Study the subjects you are really interested in and you will master them.

Personalized instruction

Whether faster, slower, or just different, learn at the pace that works best for you.

A welcoming environment

All of us are the same in that we are all different in at least one way or another.


You don't need permission to wear a hat, use the bathroom, or step outside by yourself for awhile.


Meet regularly to plan your goals and build a portfolio or eportfolio.


Self-directed learners go on to do well in college, apprenticeships, or entrepreneurial ventures.

What do you say to a teen who tells you, "I really don't like going to school. If there were any choice, I wouldn't go"?

Imagine what would happen if, instead of sending children to conventional schools where their natural ways of learning are curtailed, we provided them with the resources that would allow their curiosity, playfulness, and other natural ways of learning to flourish.  That is Self-Directed Education (SDE):  education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the learner.  And all around the country and the world, resource centers like Samara, schools, and individual homeschoolers are joining this revolution in education.

A better way to become educated.

Standardized tests, data-driven decision making.... More and more, today's public school education is focused on numbers rather than on the needs of individual students.

Imagine instead an educational experience tailored to meet your needs. Imagine not having to take off a hat, get a pass for the bathroom, or jump at the sound of a bell. Imagine learning about the subjects you want to know more about....

Traditional schools are a good fit for the majority of people. But some of the most interesting teenagers have the most difficult time fitting in. Perhaps they are bored with the standardized pace or all the homework, or perhaps the school isn't able to serve their educational interests or meet their unique needs. Maybe they are bullied despite the school's best efforts to the contrary or maybe they find the authoritarianism of the system...confining. Our teens have backgrounds as diverse as they are, but they all love the change from traditional school, and all of our parents love the changes they see in their children.


Who is Samara for?

Are you a teenager who wants to:

✔ explore your own potential,

✔ find more authenticity in your learning, and

✔ you are bold enough to choose a different path?

Are you a parent who believes:

✔ in your child's potential,

✔ prioritizes their well-being and more meaningful learning, and

✔ you are tired of fighting with the limitations of traditional schooling?

If so, we think you will find that your lives will be better in a supportive community outside of school altogether. This is a revolutionary way of thinking about education and the staff at Samara helps teens and their families to transition into a new life on their own terms and for their own purposes.

We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year and work with families from all economic backgrounds.